How To Find A Philippine Wife

The Anti-Mail-order Bride Law, also called Republic Act No. 6955 is a Philippine law which prohibits the commercialization of matrimonial establishments or facilitators of matrimonial establishments, of the bride or groom-origin countries. The law also prohibits misrepresentation of documents or information of marriages, thereby preventing fraud. To serve its purpose, the Anti-Mail-order Bride Act allows for the cancellation or suspension of a marriage in cases where it is certified by a notary public who certifies the document as being legally valid.

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The penalties for fraudulent under this law are not applicable to the bride or the groom themselves but only to those who induce or encourage the process of matrimony. Thus, a foreigner who plan to marry a Filipina, but has traveled to the Philippines, are guilty of the same crime as one who plans to marry a Filipino lady who has not traveled to the Philippines.

The Philippines brides are said to be protected by this law, provided they conduct their businesses legitimately. This is why there is no problem with foreigners when it comes to using Philippine dating websites. There are several reasons why foreigners prefer to use these websites before going to their actual matrimonial establishments, for instance the services offered by premium account members. Some of these premium account privileges include access to real-time information regarding the location, marital status, and photographs of the bride and groom, which are usually not accessible if one visits the Philippines directly.

The benefits of premium members

Premium members can expect an immediate response whenever they need to use their services. In addition, the site offers additional benefits such as limitless browsing history, personal background checks, the ability to upload several people as profile members, the viewing of a person’s photos, and the reading of their personal profiles.

Aside from that, on premium membership accounts, one can expect a personal approach while dating Filipino women or any other type of Filipina. This is especially beneficial when seeking out the top notch quality ladies that the Philippines brides have available in the online industry today.

Using the premium membership benefits when looking for the perfect Philippine girl to marry will ensure a smooth and hassle-free transaction. When using the website, foreigners can also make sure they find out if there are any outstanding issues regarding the marriage contract. More so, foreigners can also find out if the spouse being considered has any criminal convictions. Aside from that, they can also find out if there are children left behind in the deal.

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If one is looking for a bride who is already married or planning to get married, they should start looking for local Filipina brides in the Philippines. Locating these women is easy since marriage records in the Philippines have been kept up to date. In fact, one can easily search the marriage history of the person they are searching for through the mail order bridal agency. So, the next step is to look for Philippines girls who are interested in marriage.

After finding a Filipino wife to marry

The next step is to open a Filipino dating service account. Before getting a Filipino wife, make sure you have a premium account. It is vital for foreigners to open a premium account since one does not know when the wife they are dating may get an account. In this case, they can cancel it anytime they want. The previous paragraph also applies to those who choose not to open a premium account.

Once the foreigner has found a Filipino wife, he can now use the dating sites. Although most of the sites cater only to female Filipinos, there are others who have male or even American members. It is highly recommended for foreign nationals to join a site that is inclusive of other races and nationalities. This will help them find Filipinos who are of different origins and nationalities. This is important if a man and woman want to have Filipino children.


On the other hand, foreign men and women can search for Filipina brides through international classifieds.

  • There are ads placed by people offering their services in finding a Filipino wife for other foreign nationals.
  • There are classifieds with photos and names of Filipina women who have already been married to foreign men.

If the wife and husband are from the same country, then it is much easier for the foreigners to identify each other since they both have the same first name.